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Do you wish that you had whiter, more radiant teeth? Age can results in marks forming on a tooth’s precious enamel; drinking coffee and red wine can lead to an adverse effect as well. When these stains reach the deep layers of a tooth, no amount of brushing can remove them. To lighten and erase these unsightly marks entirely, ask the team at Amazing Smiles for assistance! Our teeth whitening can renovate your look and give you the clean, bright appearance you’ve always wanted. Please call us today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Lucian Narita.

Amazing Smiles offers a variety teeth whitening solutions in our office and for you to take home. Dr. Narita will work with you to choose the option that will help you achieve your whitening goals. Whatever solution you select, we’ll customize your treatment to meet you unique needs and goals.

Zoom! Whitening

If you want to see dramatic results in just one appointment, Zoom! whitening is what you’re looking for. In about an hour, we often call it a lunchtime appointment, we can completely transform your smile brightening teeth up to ten shades for most patients. Zoom! teeth whitening is completely quick and comfortable, and as innovations in the treatment continue, very few patients report experiencing dental sensitivity following treatment.

The whitening process is very simple. We protect soft tissues lips, cheeks, and gums, so they are not damaged by the whitening gel. Then, we apply the bleaching agent and the activating light. We allow the whitening agent to work for about an hour, checking periodically to ensure you’re achieving the results you’re after. Once we reach your desired shade, we remove the whitening gel, and apply a fluoride treatment to reduce chances for dental sensitivity.

Benefits of Zoom! Whitening Include:

Opalescence Boost

Another fast option for patients who want to brighten their smiles in office, Opalescence Boost whitening is similar to Zoom! whitening, but rather than using a light to activate the whitening agent, Boost is chemically activated. Without heat or light sources, Opalescence brightens smiles up to ten shades in a single visit. To offset the potential for dental sensitivity, Boost includes fluoride and potassium nitrate that also fortify tooth enamel and reduce risk for cavities. At the end of the hour-long appointment, patients leave our office with a brilliantly, white smile.

NiteWhite Teeth Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your smile from the comfort of home, NiteWhite uses the active ingredient amorphous calcium phosphate, more commonly referred to as ACP. This innovative whitening method brightens teeth quickly and comfortably from the comfort of home. It is the ideal solution for patients who experience dental sensitivity as ACP is much less irritating than other active whitening agents. Using custom whitening trays, you’ll apply the NiteWhite teeth brightening agent to brighten smiles about six shades in just a few days.


One of the most effective, gentle teeth whitening solutions available, KoR whitening is a combination of in-office and take home whitening products that, when used together, can successfully brighten smiles that are otherwise unaffected by whitening treatments. Technically, KoR is a deep bleaching system, and it makes it possible for us to brighten our smiles up to sixteen shades. Even those smiles with the most complex or deep-set staining can be brightened with KoR. With just a few weeks of whitening, you’ll have the brilliant smile you desire.

Please contact Amazing Smiles if you would like to arrange a teeth whitening procedure. Dr. Narita is happy to see patients from Allen, Lucas, Fairview, McKinney, Plano, and surrounding Texas communities. If you’re interested in learning about other ways we can renovate your smile, visit our cosmetic dentistry page. As always, it’s best to take care of your mouth’s health before anything else, so why not come to us for your general dentistry needs as well?

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