Root Canal Therapy in Allen

Toothache? Turn to Dr. Narita for help.

A constant, throbbing toothache can be a painful experience. Unfortunately, for serious toothaches, there is usually only one solution. Root canal therapy from Dr. Lucian Narita may be able to alleviate your pain and prevent an infection from spreading. If you’re suffering from a persistent ache in your tooth, please don’t hesitate to call Amazing Smiles for help.

Tooth infections occur when decay-forming bacteria work their way to the center of a tooth, where a delicate nerve exists. As the germs begin doing damage to the nerve, the tooth suffers pain and aches in turn, which alerts you to the damage going on. Once contaminants have reached this deep within the tooth, it’s necessary to have root canal therapy performed if you want to avoid extraction.

During a root canal, our dentist will go deep into the layers of the affected tooth until he reaches the infected area. Then, we’ll remove as much of the bacteria as we can and flush out the rest. We may opt to add a little antibiotic ointment as well. Then, we’ll complete the treatment by capping the tooth with a dental crown so that the germs aren’t able to reenter it and cause further damage. We want to protect your tooth as thoroughly as we can during each step of the process. Root canal therapy can save affected pearly whites from the threat of extraction, and additionally, the treatment could prevent your other teeth from becoming infected. It’s important to turn to Amazing Smiles at the first sign of a problem – after all, quick action can help you keep more of your teeth in the long run!

Please contact us if you believe you may need root canal therapy. Dr. Narita sees patients from Allen, Fairview, McKinney, Lucas, Plano, and surrounding Texas cities.

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