Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Keeping their children healthy, safe, and happy are a parents main priorities. There are many things parents can do to make sure all three needs are satisfied. There are two that are most important though. Parents can do these two things to keep their children healthy, safe, and happy in nearly every way. They can supervise, and they can help.

This is true in many aspects of parenting. It is especially true when it comes to taking care of your children’s teeth. Parents want their children to have strong and healthy teeth. They want their children’s teeth to be white, bright, shiny and beautiful. No parents wants their children to have a mouth full of bacteria or decay. However, that is exactly what will happen if parents are not there supervising and helping their children to brush their teeth.

They need help understanding the importance of dental health

Children need their parents help when it comes to many things, brushing teeth included. A child starts out as a newborn. Then they are an infant with little budding teeth. Once the teeth come in it’s up to you as the child’s parent to take care of them. No one expects and infant to keep their own teeth healthy but it still needs to be done. That’s why kids have parents.

When those first teeth emerge you can keep them clean and protected by using a baby tooth brush and baby tooth paste. You can also use the baby tooth paste with gauge to gently clean babies first teeth. Either way it is important to do so. Baby tooth paste are safe to swallow where as the others aren’t and can be poisonous if swallowed. Read all labels carefully and make sure you are getting tooth paste that is meant for babies and toddlers. They are available with the other toothpastes at the grocery or drug store. Choosing a baby tooth brush is a good idea as they are very tiny and will fit into baby’s mouth much more easily and comfortably.

Once your infant is a toddler it’s time for them to take a turn in brush

Hand over the tooth brush as begin teaching your toddler how to spit. Toddlers learn well and quickly when they get to watch older siblings or a parent brush their teeth. Make sure to use baby and toddler tooth paste until your little one can spit well.

After your child is a pro at brushing their teeth it’s time to really stress the importance of doing so. Teeth should be brushed at least morning and night with an anti-cavity, fluoride toothpaste. Children should be instructed on thorough brushing. They need to be taught to and able to get every spot clean, in-between teeth and front to back.

Tooth brushing charts with stickers are a great way to encourage children to have good oral hygiene habits. Teaching them all about the reasons why good oral hygiene is important will also do wonders in making them want to brush their teeth. Children need to understand what happens if they don’t brush their teeth in order to realize why they should! As they get older they will learn good oral hygiene so long as you are there teaching them and making sure they are practicing it! Take care and thanks for reading!