Dentures and Partials in Allen

Need a reliable tooth replacement method? Talk to Dr. Narita about dentures and partials!

Tooth loss can be difficult to face at any age, but having a plan to fill in the gaps can make the transition a little easier. Compassionate dentist Dr. Lucian Narita regularly provides restorative care for patients who are in need of a reliable tooth replacement method. We can measure and fit your mouth for dentures and partials at Amazing Smiles. To schedule an appointment, please call us today.

Dentures replace each of the teeth along an upper gum line, lower gum line, or throughout the entire mouth. If you have up to three gaps in a row and still possess strong, healthy teeth on either side of said gap, then a partial could be your answer. Dentures and partials can be created to greatly resemble the teeth in your mouth, and with today’s advanced technology, they’re even made to fit securely in both your mouth and your life!

Dentures and partials are removable so as to allow for a more comfortable, easy-to-clean dental prosthetic. A partial denture fills in the area by clipping or attaching to the existing teeth in the gums. Likewise, dentures maintain their spot in your mouth with suction and a little denture cream. At the end of each day, just take out your dentures or partial and brush them gently with a toothbrush. Then, soak them overnight in a glass of water to help them retain their shape. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask Dr. Narita and his Allen team at any time.

Please contact us today to arrange a dentures and partials appointment. Dr. Narita sees dentures patients from Allen, McKinney, Lucas, Fairview, Plano, and nearby Texas neighborhoods. We also tend to the needs of patients who require emergency dentistry.

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