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Permanent Tooth Replacement Solutions

Allen Dental Implants video thumbnail Are you missing one or more teeth? Dentures aren’t always the most desirable option for some people, and Dr. Narita understands that! This compassionate Allen dentist regularly works with restorative dentistry patients to plan the ideal course of treatment that will best fit their unique needs. If you’re looking for a permanent method that can help you regain your smile, ask about dental implants. This technique allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a full set of teeth once more. Please contact Amazing Smiles to learn more about dental implants, or to arrange an appointment.

The Dental Implant Process

Graphic model of a dental implantOnce you’ve expressed interest in the dental implant process, Dr. Narita can work with you to plan your treatment. We’ll first need to evaluate you to see if there is enough bone density in your jaw to support a dental implant. The team at Amazing Smiles doesn’t want to risk wasting your time, so we’ll take a close look at your existing dental health to determine the proper course of action.

Once we’ve determined that you’re the right candidate for implants, the surgical procedure will begin. One of the benefits of coming to Amazing Smiles is that Dr. Narita can perform the entire implant journey right here in one convenient office location instead of having to involve outside specialists. He will personally place your new implant(s) into the socket of the absent tooth within the jawbone in order to create the proper foundation for replacement teeth. Then, nature will take over. Your natural tissue and bone will gradually form a steady bond with the implants, setting the stage for the final part of the procedure.

Once Dr. Narita determines that you’ve fully recovered, he can restore the dental implant, effectively rebuilding your smile. There are several options for restoration available, depending on the number of dental implants, the severity of your tooth loss, and the patient’s personal preferences. They include:

This step completes the process and seamlessly recreates the look of a real tooth. Dental implant patients also report a noticeable improvement in the function of their bite. You could soon enjoy eating those hard-to-chew foods that you’ve been missing from your diet all this time!

All-On-4 & Mini Dental Implants

Male sitting in a dental chairTraditional implants aren’t right for every single patient in need of a quality tooth replacement. If you currently wear full dentures or have a mouthful of teeth that are lost or in the process of failing, All-On-4 might be a better reconstructive procedure for you. Instead of replacing each lost tooth with a single implant, Dr. Narita will strategically place four implants within the jawbone at just the right angle to support a full prosthetic. With All-On-4, patients can eat and speak properly once more, regain some of their facial muscle tone, and enjoy a greater degree of confidence in their everyday lives.

Another quality alternative to traditional implants is mini dental implants. One of the major stepping stones to having implants placed is an adequate amount of healthy jawbone structure. If you’ve been without your natural teeth for several years, you may not fall into this category – but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a tooth replacement solution you can count on. Mini implants require much less bone structure to be successfully placed, and they can anchor single crowns or even full dentures effectively.

Please call us today to schedule your dental implant consultation. Dr. Narita sees patients from Allen, Lucas, Fairview, Plano, McKinney, and surrounding Texas towns. To learn about other ways we can replenish your smile, take a look at our restorative dentistry page.

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