Are Dental Implants in Allen the Solution You’ve Been Looking for?

November 10, 2018

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types of dental implantsDental implants in Allen may be the solution you’re looking for, if you’re struggling with the problem of missing teeth. Implants offer substantial advantages over other forms of restoration such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

What Makes Tooth Restoration Necessary?

If you could see inside your mouth like an x-ray machine, you’d notice that your teeth are joined under your gum line to the bones in your face. This is part of what gives them their remarkable strength and durability. But aging and lifestyle factors have a way of wearing down our teeth, making them vulnerable to decay. Over time, this can lead to advanced problems such as tooth loss.

Why Dentures are Only a Partial Solution for Tooth Loss

Dental science has developed a number of treatments for tooth loss over the years. Perhaps the oldest of these is dentures. Modern dentures can restore lost functionality and even enhance the wearer’s appearance. Unfortunately, they also suffer from limitations like these:

  1. Adhesion problems. Holding dentures in place requires messy adhesives. Plus, dentures can come loose at the worst possible times, such as when you’re attending a social occasion or meeting a business or professional client.
  2. Dietary restrictions. Wearing dentures makes eating certain foods problematic. Corn on the cob is perhaps the best known example, but there are many others. This can make eating a well-rounded, nutritious diet almost impossible.
  3. Bone resorption. The bones that support your facial structure rely on the stimulation provided by your natural teeth to keep them strong, something which dentures are unable to provide. Over time, this problem may lead to bone resorption, which can affect not only your health but your appearance.

What About Bridges and Crowns?

Bridges and crowns have helped millions of people over the years to restore their smiles and enjoy a higher quality of life. However, both have serious limitations when it comes to treating missing teeth. Crowns require that the restored tooth have a healthy root system. Bridges require a healthy tooth on either side of the missing one in order to support the appliance. This makes both options of limited value for patients who need a comprehensive approach to restoration.

What Makes Implants Superior?

Dental implants avoid the problems of dentures, bridges and crowns. They do this by integrating with your facial bones in much the same way as do your natural teeth. Implant patients can eat all of their favorite foods, engage in their favorite social or recreational activities, and live their lives with total confidence in their appearance.

Implants do require that the patient have sufficient amounts of healthy underlying bone to support the restoration. In many cases, this problem can be resolved by performing a bone grafting procedure. Maintaining your implants means living a healthy lifestyle going forward, including regular brushing and flossing.

Life’s too short to go through our days worrying about dental health. Talk to your dentist about implants and other forms of restoration during your next appointment. The facts you learn may be just what you need to put a big smile on your face.

About the Author

Dr. Lucian Daniel Narita, known to his patients as “Dr. Dan,” has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years. He studied at Loma Linda University in California and has completed advanced training in implants and other restoration and cosmetic procedures. You can reach his office online or by calling 972) 359-8500.

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