Your Emergency Dentist in Allen Can Save Your Smile Quickly!

April 1, 2018

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dentist visitHave you ever been in an emergency situation and had no clue what to do? Dental emergencies can leave you frantic, panicking, and worried that you’ll lose your beautiful smile if you don’t act in the proper, timely manner. So, what do you do during a dental emergency? Learn more from your emergency dentist in Allen.

Identifying a Dental Emergency

Anytime that you experience any type of unbearable discomfort, persistent tooth pain, or abnormal feelings around or in your mouth, you might be experiencing a dental emergency. There are different types of dental emergencies—some more urgent than others.

Urgent dental emergencies may include extremely painful toothaches, signs of dental infections that may indicate an abscessed tooth (such as fever and positional dental pain) or facial trauma that results in damaged or lost teeth, or even broken jaw bones.

However, there are a few dental emergencies that can be less severe than those listed above, like a lost bracket to your orthodontic treatment. As long as it’s not causing you extreme pain, you may be able to schedule a visit with your dentist in Allen when it’s convenient for you.

Steps You Need to Take in a Dental Emergency

As mentioned above, there are certain dental emergencies that shouldn’t wait. You need to know how to handle these situations in the proper way quickly so that you can save your natural teeth from permanent damage.

It’s best to turn to a trained dental professional for assistance with an urgent dental emergency. Your initial instinct may be to visit an emergency room right away, but many times the nurses will refer you to a dentist in the long run. Instead, just visit your local practice as soon as you can.

Until you can drive to your local dental office, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Stay calm no matter what—even if you’ve lost a tooth. A panicked mind can waste precious time needed to restore your smile.
  • Call our office right away for helpful advice over the phone. We will be able to walk you through the steps you need to save your teeth.
  • Be sure to schedule an appointment with us right away. Most times, we will schedule a same day appointment.
  • Gather any materials you may need to show us, like pieces of the damaged tooth.
  • Drive safely while you travel to us!

When you finally reach our practice, we will do our best to repair your smile as swiftly as possible.

About Our Office

Here at Amazing Smiles, we don’t ever want our patients to feel like they are alone when they’re experiencing a traumatic moment like a dental emergency. You should know that even in your hardest times, we are here for you! Give us a call right away to schedule your emergency dental appointment.



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