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Aetna Dental Benefits for Affordable Dentistry

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When it comes to choosing a Hillsboro dental office, many patients worry that they’ll need to choose between quality dentistry services and affordable care. At Amazing Smiles, offering budget-friendly dentistry is just one more way we amaze our patients. We always offer high quality dentistry services at a price in-line with the area’s averages, and our team accepts dental insurance coverage from almost any provider, and we are in-network with many insurers, including Aetna dental. If you have dental benefits from Aetna or any of our other in or out of network insurers, please let our team know when you call to schedule your appointment with our team. We’ll help you make the most of these benefits starting with your very first trip to our dental office.

Aetna Dental Coverage & Availability

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Did you know that every person’s dental insurance plan is actually a unique contract? It’s true. If you got insurance through your employer, they first had an opportunity to make elections and choose plans for their employees. Then, you similarly had the opportunity to choose between the available plans. If you purchased a plan on your own, you likely had even more options to choose from. No matter how you elect your dental insurance benefits, this coverage is unique to you. In order to provide the most accurate estimates of your available coverage, our team will want to review your benefit policy. In cases of complex dental treatments plans, we will likely submit a preapproval to ensure your benefits are available. While individual plans can differ dramatically, most Aetna benefit plans offer 100% coverage for preventive care. The goal is to help patients keep their smiles healthy and avoid the need for more advanced treatments. Minor restorative services like fillings are usually covered between 50 and 80%. More advanced treatments like dental crowns and replacement teeth are covered 25 to 75%. Other services, like orthodontics, may be covered, but this will depend on your policy.

If you have coverage through Aetna or any of our other in-network insurers, our dental office has a contract in place, and we agree to charge the price set by your insurer for our services. Out of network dental offices may charge fees that are slightly higher than your insurer’s set pricing. When this happens, you’ll have to pay your out of pocket percentage of treatment costs and the difference between Aetna’s set pricing and what you’re charged. While these differences in pricing are usually minimal, you avoid this entirely when you visit an in-network dental office.

Meet Stevi

When you need to learn more about your dental insurance policy and available coverage in our office, you’ll want to talk to Stevi. She works with benefits and financing on a daily basis, and Stevi will be happy to answer your questions, review your policy, and submit applications for coverage preapproval or preauthorization. Stevi’s goal is to help you make the most of your available coverage and keep the out of pocket costs of treatment to a minimum. Don’t hesitate to call our dental office and ask for Stevi to learn more about your insurance benefits.



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